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I’ve been an avid collector of motivational quotes for eons! Inspiration stemmed from an unlikely source, a Weight Watcher meeting! I remember the topic of motivation vividly, even though it was over 15 years ago! I felt frustrated because I didn’t have the suggested support system available to hold my hand while I learned a new way of being, and more importantly, thinking”. My inner-circle did not share my passion for the opportunities being at a healthy weight would afford me, even though we all had love handles on top of our love handles. I needed a back up plan for my journey thru hell and back!


Being a repeat offender, I knew life would kick me in the teeth and try to deceive me into thinking my favorite meal (In N Out double cheeseburger with grilled onions, fries and a chocolate shake) would be the solution to every problem. That wasn’t an if, it was more a when and how many times each day! All Weight Watcher members are aware of the conspiracy revolving around our never-ending weight loss efforts. The struggle is real indeed!


When I shared my concern, my leader suggested a subscription to a daily motivational quote email page. I fell in love with the idea of instant motivation at my finger-tips. One never knows when life will attempt a take over and create a hostage situation. 15 years later, I still require my morning cup of motivation and it makes a great start to my day!

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