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Last night completed Day 3 of the life-altering Landmark Forum (only three hours remaining!)  It’s been amazing to be amidst worn but hopeful souls courageously working through unresolved issues from our past (childhood traumas, unresolved relationship issues and work/business challenges to name only a few). This opportunity only materialized for those that finally opened their minds to the possibility of mental handicaps (set aside as safety mechanisms during our time of crisis) unknowingly stunted our personal and professional growth.  The painful stories of our past had been controlling our future, and we were relieved that everyone had one! The majority felt our nightmares were specific only to us.



Over the last few days, we have been slowly transformed from people-pleasers, caregivers, control freaks, and other types of victims, into a tightly knit community with unlimited possibilities. I personally enrolled to accomplish my goal of breathing life into my business, The Courage To Shift (www.thecouragetoshift.com). What I’m unexpectedly accomplishing is learning to speak a new language which deepens relationships with those that matter most in my life. The ten Coaching sessions provided while actively working towards my goal is another unexpected and much appreciated bonus! Although I received my Life Coach certification from an awesome institution, support while creating the business wasn’t readily available. I was celebrated profusely, and then gently nudged from the nest and left to soar on my own. Landmark was the solution I’d been silently praying for, while waiting patiently!



While I have completed many self-help programs and am a support group junkie, I was surprised to find my own unsuspected blindspots not previously addressed. My personal transformation started ten years ago, and I thought I had tamed all of my demons. Apparently I had a few stragglers so was grateful I had approached the seminar with an open mind and was willing to address them with professional guidance. During the mental downtime on my long ride home last night, I realized The Landmark Forum has the potential to benefit anyone on the planet.  As such, I’ve decided to share this gift with anyone and everyone in my life! Possibilities are truly endless for those open to the process, and the Landmark Forum is worldwide! (landmarkworldwide.com)

Landmark Education


I could say I turned over a new leaf today, but the truth is my season of growth has been in progress for eons! Instead, I’ll say my commencement of the Landmark Educational Forum today was more of strengthening a foundation that has already been laid. I was definitely a late bloomer, not evaluating the cobwebs of my life until motherhood made me question the type of role model I would be for my sons. Generational dysfunction was a term I’d been unfamiliar with but held so much control that it could have been mistaken in the family albums as a relative. The first phase of evolution represented change and took place because it had to be done to change my children’s future. The second phase being completed as we speak is all about transformation, is ONLY for my benefit, and is a choice!21687608_10212886933360072_7500976577222177099_n

The goal at Landmark is to provide a new way of looking at life (and what’s possible) based simply on changing my perception of the world around me.  I’ve held my scarred viewpoints so long that they not only became my reality (which impacted HOW I made decisions) but also a foundation for the cycle of pain I was destined to continue. My views ensured I remained stuck in my story (interpretation of what happened but not the reality), continuing the vicious cycle. I became the author of my own confusion. Damn!

21617971_10212886933760082_7905248400486243248_nThough normally a pessimist by nature, I was immediately lured in by the promise of living an extraordinary life and making a difference. Both became priorities during my process of change, but I lacked the blueprint. I knew what I didn’t know, just didn’t know how to capture the magic! According to Landmark, everyone has these blind spots and it is their discovery which allows the breakthroughs to happen. My heart pounds like an African drum as I consider the new leaf in its fall splendor that will emerge as a result of the direct sunlight provided by Landmark!