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Center: Breathing OM

I love her simple explanation of meditation, which I have struggled with since learning of its mental and physical benefits! Sharing in case others desire growth in that area as well!

Ancient Beauty


You need to gain the center of life, through meditation. To center yourself in your own world, which is balanced by complications, depression, sadness and constant fear of death by losing time on worldly matters, you need to meditate. Meditation sounds very complicated and for those who have nothing to do in life; but that is not the case. This belief comes from ignorance. This ignorance arises from the religious and cultural groups that are supposed to be teaching us about this same meditation principal. Now, we live in a world that is opened up for every divine knowledge there is out there, all you need to do is open your mind.


Meditation requires balance and soothing of body, breath, and thoughts (mind), in that order. Do not fight your thoughts. Let your thoughts flow and go step by step. First, learn to just sit there and be…

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Daily Post


I really dislike being the center of attention. What I dislike even more is when people make a big deal out of my silence because they aren’t comfortable with it. I’m not a good choice when conversation is required as a source of entertainment.


Although I am a true introvert, I occasionally have gusts of wind occurring when I am in the presences of others that share my passions. I love to talk about future goals, blogging, health and weight loss, small business ventures, Dave Ramsey and getting out of debt, retirement, and other topics that dig deeper than how are you, what was for lunch, pets that I don’t have and the other minutiae conjured up when someone is just trying to pass time. I prefer to avoid the pleasantries when starting conversations and can do without the standard “how are you” opener when neither of us really care. I prefer to get straight to the point of the conversation.


You can probably tell by now that I am not a fan of small talk. It’s wasted energy for me and just like my silence makes other people uncomfortable, I feel the same way about small talk. I find it easier to just meet people where they are, rather than trying to get them to be something they are not.




This happens more than I care to admit! At least I now have a name to go with the behavior!

Michael Seidel, writer

If you’re ever been off to do something and then get distracted and forget what you were on about, you’ve experienced catention. Essentially, your attention span is reduced to that of a cat distracted by everything going on around them.

Don’t let it get to you. Just remember to be cool, look good and not care about what anyone else might think of you.

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Reblog:Knowledge Is Power!

Are you aware that lack of time is one of the biggest challenges bloggers face? For this reason, when today’s guest author Benjamin Brandall offered us a productivity post, I grabbed it. Benjamin’s post combines technology with time-saving blogging tips. By the time you’re done reading his article, Benjamin claims you will be able to publish…

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Daily Word-Saturday 02/25/17

Normally I keep my political and religious views to myself so that I don’t start a war, this was too good not to share! It resonated with my life because I woke up at 45, deciding that settling for less than I deserved was no longer an option. It’s great to have choices!!

I choose activities that express my highest truth.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

In her book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, Bronnie Ware shares a common regret by those near the end of their lives: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

I do not have to wait until it’s too late. I can live today being true to myself. I establish values and goals that feed my soul. What is most important to me, and why? After setting short- and long-term goals, I set priorities that support those goals, consistent with my values.

I do the work I do with an attitude of enthusiasm and purpose. I take care of my physical body. I remain connected with Spirit. Carefully and joyously, I choose activities that express my highest truth.

Strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.—Matthew 6:33


Daily Post


After a 70-pound weight loss (heading into 12 years of maintenance!), things still jiggle and I’ve come to accept that they always will.  Even though I’ve changed the way I eat and have worked out three times per week for many years, losing weight didn’t provide the sculpted body shown in the media after a weight loss transformation.  I guess I could purchase that body, but it doesn’t fit within my budget and being airbrushed each morning before work probably isn’t an option. It’s hard enough to just get makeup on some days!


My why for weight loss (important to help you stay focused on the journey) started off as vanity, but evolved into health along the journey as I became educated. It was shocking to learn that being thin doesn’t automatically mean being healthy! I remember having my BMI taken at work along with a co-worker that was a size 4, while I was still working towards my healthy weight. Her tiny body was mostly fat, and I was actually healthier than she was even though I was overweight.

My mantra became, “Nothing tastes as good as being HEALTHY feels”!

The bright side is that while it might still jiggle, at least it is deflated fat. I’ll take it!

no wind blows here

Beautiful and sad, at the same time!

kStan(ly) kSays

her mind’s become a wasteland
an arid desert town
abandoned by its residents
all that’s left is brown
nothing grows here
no wind blows here
do not ask
‘cuz no one knows here
she can’t think now
she can’t focus
today she got her diagnosis


© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by _marion, courtesy pexels.com
created for the Daily prompt – arid

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