The Courage To Change

SUCCESS! I’m no longer normal! Dave Ramsey said the definition of normal is obese and broke! I had no idea I was either, but once the status of both were pointed out to me, I took action! (Ok, I might have THOUGHT about it for too long, but EVENTUALLY I took action, lol)! I’ve lost over 70 pounds on Weight Watchers on this fourth and final attempt, and have kept it off 9 years! Fast forward a few years later,  I realized I was broke! It took a serious medical challenge of a loved one for me to realize that having every credit card on the planet was NOT a true definition of success! While discussing the financial issues the medical challenges would cause, my Supervisor advised I read The Total Money Makeover. I took the book home, and it sat on the shelf for many months before I took action. I immediately, however, started listening to The Dave Ramsey show every time I was in my car! It is in those debt free screams that I found HOPE! Something I didn’t have, but desperately needed! At the end of that year, I purchased Financial Peace University as a Christmas gift to myself! I took the class and changed my life! It was the best Christmas gift I’ve EVER given myself, and probably the cheapest, lol…That class started my seven year journey to becoming debt free! I am now not only over 70 pounds down, I am also debt free except my home! Making sacrifices and living like no one else at that time, so that I could live like no one else in the future (by obtaining financial freedom), was the hardest thing I’d ever done!  The ultimate high is that my son just graduated from college DEBT FREE!  I didn’t even realize that was a possibility until sitting in Financial Peace University! The support groups for weight loss, and financial freedom were the keys to my success! Recently I decided that I wanted to give HOPE, as well as support to others and a blog would be perfect for that! These were the hardest things I’d ever done because A, I had to realize that I had a problem (which wasn’t easy BECAUSE I was around so many OTHER normal people), and B, I needed to find COURAGE to change, and not stay frozen in fear (FUTURE EVENTS APPEARING REAL!) This blog represents support and encouragement for anyone that needs it! My ultimate goal is to give HOPE to all that need it as they go through this thing called life!


14 thoughts on “The Courage To Change

  1. Wanda Murray says:

    Well first I would like to say that it’s takes a lot of courage to see yourself and from what you have shared and I am proud of you for being so open. I am excited to go on this journey with you and to find out more.


  2. Yours is an inspiring story. You cannot get to the end goal without taking that first step, whether it be attending that first Weight Watchers meeting, or picking up that book that has been sitting on your shelf. First steps are life changing if you follow through with action.

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      • Deb says:

        FPU ruined everything. Now that I know how to be financially responsible I can no longer just spend spend spend. It is no longer fun to be irresponsible when you get a taste of what financial freedom will be like. It has changed my life for the better. I want to share it with everyone I know but I hold back. I remember when I went into rehab in 1989. When I came out my life changed and again I wanted to share the better way of living without drugs. That is how I compare it. FPU has changed my life. I can no longer live irresponsibly.

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