The “B” Word!

I have really been thinking about the B word a LOT lately, “BUDGET”! (no, it wasn’t what you were thinking!).  I’ve hit a plateau with my goals, and I’ve learned when that  happens, I need to go outside of my comfort zone and change something. Nothing ever grows inside of a comfort zone, especially me! The decision to finally create a budget (food AND financial) and work both programs the way they were designed without adding my own spin on them, made all the difference in the world! I’m not sure why I often think I can IMPROVE something that is already a proven plan! I’ve tried to reach goals the JT way many times, rather than following simple directions. At no time did my personal, well thought out improvements to the original programs actually work. In fact, all I really did was leave out parts of BOTH programs that I didn’t want to do!  I realized (after the fact) that while I was always motivated to reach my goals in the past,  I  never put in 100% effort in order to reach them.

The definition of the word budget that hit home for me is,  ” An estimate of costs, revenues, and resources over a specified period, reflecting a reading of future financial conditions and goals”.  The last few words hit home ! In the past when I tried to achieve goals, I didn’t consider what my future would look like as part of a motivating factor. Neither my financial future, nor the high probability of developing obesity related illnesses were on my radar. That meant I HALF worked both plans, completing only the parts of each that didn’t require me to come outside of my comfort zone. I recently read that what we eat in private, we wear in public! I wore it well! Debt was easily hidden, but not my obesity! A budget was part of the solution for both. Sadly, it wasn’t until I turned 39, afraid I would get diagnosed with diabetes as family members did, that I started thinking about what my health would look like if I continued down the same path. It also took a serious health challenge of my child to make me stop and look at my  financial future. I was forced to think about what the future of my children would be like,  if I didn’t finally become a responsible adult! Their future, not mine, became my motivating factor!

A BUDGET was not even considered until the last time I decided to lose weight AND get my finances in order! Thankfully I did not try to complete both goals at the same time. It would have definitely been too much stress, even though I found that both required the same mental work! I realized I didn’t have to continue  in the footsteps of what is normal for society, being obese and broke! I decided to get serious about my FOOD and FINANCIAL budgets! We all have choices, and doing nothing is also a choice!  I love how Rachel Cruz looks at a budget! It doesn’t need to be viewed as limiting financial freedom, it really gives permission to spend! When I know where I am in my Weight Watcher Smartpoints food budget,  as well as how much income is going in and out each month, I am in control! It  was also crucial for me to learn not to trade what I want at that moment, for what I want the most! Paying attention to my food budget allows me to either eat more, or tells me I need  salad for the remainder of the week (lol). Paying attention to my financial budget means I will retired inspired, something I did not even have HOPE of doing before taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University seven years ago! I definitely don’t want to be one of those older, retired people working at Wal-Mart when I am in my seventies! I am not judging, but would definitely prefer to work  because I CHOSE too, not because I have too! I also want to be in shape when I retire so that I can travel and enjoy life!  Not only is my future brighter because of a budget, so are my children’s!



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