The Daily Prompt:Apology


I’ve learned a lot of tough lessons in life. One of the hardest lessons learned was that I had to accept the fact that an apology I think I might be owed, may never come. Life goes on, and so must I.  I’ve also learned the hard way that I sleep better when I give an apology I know I personally owe. It’s harder  for me to move forward in life OWING an apology, than it is WAITING on one! For me, that’s growth!


4 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt:Apology

  1. True. You have no control over someone else’s apology. So it is not worth stressing over. You only have control over your reaction to the situation. One thing you do have control over is forgiving that person and letting it go. There is great power in that. I will share a poem I wrote on forgiveness. I felt so strongly about this poem, that I copyrighted it. (Juante, I’ll bet you never knew I am a poet, did you?) Here it is:

    The Annulus of Forgiveness
    by A. Brent Hammond – 07/09/2006

    Once there was a brother who offended me so sorely.
    His brazen deeds tolled great a cost, affecting me so poorly.
    Inside my soul was rent with ire,
    My anger was a burning fire.
    How could this man do such a thing?
    So to this thought my mind did cling.

    I could not put the anger out to give my soul relief.
    Night after night my mind was full, my sleep was oh so brief.
    I sought to think of other thoughts,
    That from my mind, this I might blot.
    But it was all to no avail,
    The ire remained, and I had failed.

    I could not do this by myself, of that there was no doubt.
    It then would take more than just me to snuff that fire out.
    So then I got down on my knees,
    I hoped that God would hear my pleas.
    With prideful heart I first complained,
    Declaring his deeds I so disdained.

    The answer did not come at first, my heart it wasn’t pure.
    I asked the Lord what I must do to gain an answer sure.
    Then came the thought into my head,
    Recalling what the Savior said.
    I knew for me he paid the price,
    With his own loving sacrifice.

    Yet something was required of me, this blessing should I gain,
    That first I must forgive all those whose deeds had caused me pain.
    “Please help me to forgive this brother,
    And not just him, but every other.
    Please fill my troubled heart with love,
    Please give me strength from heaven above.”

    As I offered up this prayer, my heart was filled with peace.
    The anger deep inside of me had found its quick release.
    No more bottled up inside,
    No more full of angry pride.
    Forgiving him had set me free,
    For God had so forgiven me.

    © A. Brent Hammond 07/05/07

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