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The Daily Word:PROFOUND

Learned a PROFOUND lesson on “WORRY” in church on Sunday.  I’ve done a better job controlling worry over the last few years. However, I’m still a work in progress in a few areas of my life, especially now since I’ve decided to step out on faith and make major changes in my life over the last two years. I had to travel outside of my comfort zone in order to move forward. I went back to school to become a Life Coach at forty-nine, ten years after I decided it’s what I wanted to do in my life, and ended a relationship that was comfortable, but also choking the life out of me.  As the Pastor said, “once you let worry into your life, it will take over .” The Greek definition of Worry, is to divide! When you worry, you are not able to focus on the tasks at hand and are distracted (or divided) from what you need to focus on. The focus should always be what’s right in front of you. God’s really GOT THIS!

The Pastor  started the sermon with a reminder that worry, circumstances, people and things can ALL steal our joy. He then shared the difference between joy and happiness, which was eye-opening for me. Joy comes from within, happiness refers to the HAPPENINGS in your life. Meaning sometimes happiness can be inadvertently attributed to HAP-PEN-INGS (what’s going on in your life) rather than what’s going on INSIDE us! (another important tip was to not become possessed by our possessions). The goal should be to praise God not only in challenging times, but in the good as well. Happiness should not depend on outside factors, it’s an INSIDE JOB!

That’s when the Pastor went PROFOUND and said that you can’t worry AND trust God at the same time! Worrying meant I didn’t think God could handle my problem. That was DEEP, and I’d never thought of it that way! The goal is to not get so caught up in worry that we lose sight of who our PROVIDER is! It was also true that most of the things I worried about in the past never even came true! Yet, I put in a lot of manpower worrying about things I had no control over.  I loved how the Pastor put things into perspective, and dumbed down the message! He not only pointed out struggles and shared examples (just so you know he really is talking about YOU and not just the person sitting next to you), but also provided an action plan! Oftentimes in the past I have wanted to take action but didn’t know what to do first! I stayed frozen in fear far too long and only recently, at 47, started making major changes in my life! Started with the hardest, things and people I needed to let go of because they no longer served my higher purpose, and then my career which has been a huge source of major stress over the last 7 years.

The Pastor shared that the way to win over worry is to learn how to PRAY (AKA Worship) OVER PANIC! He then provided two simple steps:

1.Worship God-Recognize who GOD is, and that he is bigger than your problems! An important step in prayer, is beginning it with ADORATION. Praise God for what he has already done, and  as we praise him for fighting our battles it forces us to praise him. (A few weeks ago I learned that you not only have to ask for what you want, but you must also BELIEVE that God can provide! ).

2.Supplication-Ernest sharing of our needs with God. I was relieved when he said prayer doesn’t have to be pretty, poetic, or prolonged! Sometimes I worry when I am in a rush, and my prayers are not as detailed as they usually are when I have more time. Sometimes when I meet with my good friend Liz, she asks me to lead the prayer over our meal  and I tense up because it never sounds as beautiful as when she does it. At one time I even worried if it were acceptable to pray naked, lol..Yes, I AM weird at times, lol…What a relief it was to learn that I only have to share exactly what’s on my mind, with no formality needed! Even if the prayer over the meal is simply “Good food, Good Meat, LET’s EAT”. I do a little better than that, but it’s good to know I can keep it simple, lol..



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