The Daily Post-CRAVING


I’m craving the day I can finally say  after ten long years that my life coach business, The Courage To Shift (think MENTAL shift), is FINALLY open! I’ve literally lived the first half of my life making everyone and everything else a priority! Taking the backseat was justified at times (when it came to my kids, as it should have been), but sometimes it wasn’t (when it came to relationships and my career). My life is filled with decisions that were basically REACTIONS to something else that happened. Looking back, it seems like it would have been a better idea to make choices that reflected my personal values and priorities! Instead, I have a long history of letting life HAPPEN to me, not taking charge of my own happiness! Of course the upside of letting life happen is that all of that life experience guarantees that I will make an awesome coach, lol. (I don’t recommend taking that route, however).

At 50, I am completing my last weekend of school, starting tomorrow, to become a Certified Life Coach! The journey was a long time in the making, as it was only a thought ten years ago. I came across this long forgotten dream when I started decluttering my home a few years back! While decluttering, I came across the paperwork I’d printed out on the school mentioned on the reality show I was watching, The Southwest Institute of The Healing Arts. The reality show featured Iyanla Vanzant and her Starting Over House.  The show followed the lives of women who were experiencing difficulty in their lives, and wanting to make changes with the help of life coaches. Turned out that making a new goal to declutter my life, and my accountability partner Cathy Valentine, helped UNCLUTTER my mind. (Which also means that sometimes clutter can be helpful, lol). Anytime I set a goal, I have to enlist an accountability partner or it won’t actually happen. Cathy is an awesome accountability partner and cracked that whip! She did not allow me to make EXCUSES. With three jobs and school, I could have come up with plenty. However, I had already learned from my weightloss journey that even with valid reasons, I STILL had to move forward in order to change my life! Even when I’m tired, I still need to exercise in order to maintain my goal weight. My fat REALLY doesn’t care if I’m too tired to exercise, or too stressed to eat right. (that little bit of reality was a huge disappointment!).

Someone recently said on the Dave Ramsey show (during his debt free scream)that people can WANT a lot of things, but until they take ACTION, it doesn’t really matter what we want. Back in the day, I fit that category. I always WANTED to have a business helping others as well as to lose weight, but I didn’t take ACTION on my wants so that’s exactly how they remained. Just thoughts and nothing more. Once I DECIDED I was going to make a change, I took ACTION and everything started falling into place. I started on my FINAL and what seemed like my millionth attempt to lose weight, and successfully lost 70 pounds over 9 years ago, and have kept it off. I’d tried many times before and never lost more than 10.  I also DECIDED to help others who, like myself, wanted to make changes in their lives but didn’t know where to start. It’s very intimidating to start over later in life, to become what we might have been. I’ve started the process and  I’m excited to be able to support others  on their quest to move from the feeling of victim, to victor! I’ve done it, and life has never been MORE exciting! (literally, lol).

I have heard that when it’s right, it’s easy! I knew immediately that my decision to become a Life Coach was right! Unexpected doors started opening! Funny how that happens when you DECIDE to REALLY do something! Of course, having a Life Coach would have gotten me to my goal a lot faster, lol! My time spent seeing a therapist might have been better spent seeing a Life Coach as coaching focuses on present and future, not the past  as counseling does. I was ready to leave the past behind, and move forward into my future! That’s the role of a Life Coach, and I’m excited to step into this role!


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