When the leaves dance: thoughts on developing your voice.

I’ve planned to write a book, after thinking about it for 15 years (what can I say, I just DECIDED at 47, to finally do the things I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do!). This post excited and MOVED ME as I love just “being me”! I can be rough around the edges at times, but the edges are beautiful, lol. My edges are a combination of my College Degree, growing up in South Central, Los Angeles, and a lot of LIFE ! This blog made me even MORE excited to get started on my own book!

hannah brencher.

Dear Hannah,

My English teacher told us yesterday to write in our own voice and not to write descriptively, saying “can I have some water” instead of “may I partake of that liquid refreshment?” This slightly goes against everything I’ve ever learned about formal writing. I love writing descriptively and making the leaves dance between the trees rather than just fall to the ground! Do you have any advice about a balance between voice and still wanting to paint a picture?

Thank you,


Sweet T,

I may have shared this story once or twice before but I will never forget the night I sent the first draft of my memoir to my editor. It was two days before the stated deadline. I pressed “send” on the email and the first thing I did was take a shower. I stood there for a really long time, no concern for the…

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