The Daily Post-Stubborn


:Sometimes it’s all about how you look at things, and trying to find the bright side to any given situation is a good idea. In theory. However let’s face it. Sometimes situations are the pits and it’s extremely challenging to find a bright side to something. Like me, you might just end up accepting WHATEVER it is until you can do something different. I’m not one of those people who pretend everything is good, when it isn’t. That has been a challenge for me in the work place, as one can probably imagine. What I’ve tried to do is put a limit on complaining about situations I can’t control. After so many days of allowing myself to be the victim (guilt-free days to wallow in my pain are crucial for me in order to move on), I have my own private debriefing.  I have to either shut up about it, or become INTENTIONAL about changing it. I’ve learned that staying in my “stuff” is dangerous for myself and sometimes others! What I can’t do is stay on the fence. The longer I do that, the more I am allowing life to be choked out of me!

The definition of stubborn is “carried on in an unyielding, obstinate, or persistent manner”. The bright side to this word did not became clear to me until age 47. As I’ve navigated through this thing called life, I’ve learned to be stubborn about accepting situations that no longer serve my higher purpose. If I feel “LESS THAN” in specific situations or even around certain people (sadly, even if I am related to them), I’ve got to change course.  Unacceptable treatment from others (as well as from myself) is no longer status quo.  It doesn’t mean, however,  I can just let those situations go as soon as I have that light bulb moment. I am a realist (which makes some people uncomfortable, but that’s their issue, not mine), which means I need a plan of escape. I am surrounded by people who have unhappily accepted their situations (mainly careers and relationships) as being “as good as it gets”. The sad fact is, we teach people how to treat us! That was a hard pill to swallow! I will STUBBORNLY REJECT anyone and any situation that doesn’t fit within my goals and value systems. My life depends on it!

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