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It’s complicated to be courageous. To be courageous means you have to step outside of your comfort zone in order to reach whatever goal you’ve set. Not only is THAT complicated, it can also be even more complicated to drown out the negative messages others feel so free to share about your attempt. I really think their negative messages are more about their own fears, and less about what you are doing. It’s just disguised as why THEY wouldn’t have the courage to even attempt whatever goal you’ve set out to accomplish. I’ve learned that I need to be careful of allowing the fears of others stop me from even trying something I want to do! No matter how you look at it, it’s complicated!

That being said, it can also be complicated to step out on faith and ignore the negative messages we’ve been telling ourselves, maybe for our entire lives! Not being smart enough, good enough, or even worthy of having more have been messages that often haunted me in my younger years. In the past I have been own my worst critic, letting my life experiences (based more on making bad decisions from the beginning, and less about who or how smart I am) lead me to believe that I couldn’t have more out of life. I noticed that when I mustered up the courage to change and DECIDED to be INTENTIONAL about life  (which included changing my environment and moving away from people with no goals, towards people who did), things started looking up! Surrounding myself with other movers  and shakers gave me the momentum I needed! From losing over 70 pounds and keeping it off for over nine years now (after trying unsuccessfully over the course of fifteen years!), to going back to school at forty-nine and starting my own Life Coach business at fifty (The Courage Shift, which I will blog about soon!. Funny how just this one change, made life a lot less complicated!

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