The Daily Post Word Of The Day-Carry

The Daily Post Word:Carry

To carry emotional baggage from the past into any new situation, especially relationships is a recipe for disaster. I’ve found that carrying emotional weight can sometimes be harder than carrying physical weight. When you get tired of carrying a physical weight, you can just put it down and move on. Until you DECIDE to no longer carry the emotional weight, it will continue to weigh you down and can possibly impact ALL areas of your life (weight gain and health challenges were the results of my baggage). You can’t just move on without addressing the baggage, and expect to have the quality of life you desire. How do you know when this is a problem? If someone can’t pass through your mind without causing harm, you have work to do. It’s also good to remember that just because we show our vulnerability, doesn’t mean we lose our credibility. Maybe it’s time to drop the emotional baggage, and pick up something else to carry. Imagine what life would look like, if you allowed someone or something to unlock the key to your heart!

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