My Witness: Richard Seaman


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Love this definition of a mantra by Tris Thorp! “Like a seed planted with the intention of blossoming into a beautiful perennial, a mantra can be thought of as a seed for energizing an intention. Much in the same way you plant a flower seed, you plant mantras in the fertile soil of practice. You nurture them and over time they bear the fruit of your intention.”

Early on in Life Coaching school, I learned about manifesting  goals. Even though I am the type of person that will work really hard once I “fully” commit to something (fully is the key!), going back to school at this point in my life was difficult. Fifty isn’t over the hill, but it is definitely harder than one would think after graduating from college back in the days in which we were not using ANY of the current technology. Working three jobs with my day starting at 4am and ending after 6pm, would be an even bigger hurdle! The odds were definitely not stacked in my favor! Fortunately for me, that didn’t deter me from following through (it did slow me down for a moment, however!). I was initially afraid to make an attempt to start my own business. After a while I became more afraid of what would happen if I stayed in  my current situation! I love that saying, “When the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change, we will change”. It was definitely true for me. However, that didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to have tough times or ever doubt myself while going through the process. I knew that both technology and even just staying awake were going to be a challenges.

One of the most valuable life lessons I’ve learned is that I don’t need to re-invent the wheel whenever I attempt a goal. (I tried it quite a few times as a young adult, it never worked!). If there is a tool that can help,  I really need to take advantage of it ! It helps ensure my success!  An asset that comes in handy for me is that I am not afraid to step outside of my comfort zone (and possibly embarrass myself ) for something I see as beneficial. When instructor Richard Seaman introduced the manifesting tool, I was beyond EXCITED! I immediately knew this tool would definitely help me stay focused during the difficult times ahead. When Richard finally asked for a classroom volunteer, I was ALL OVER IT!  I wanted my mantra to be PERFECT because I was really intent on making a change. I wasn’t a youngster just starting school with plenty of time to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up! I was a fifty year old that needed a realistic plan and guidance on how to meet my financial goals within a limited, but realistic time frame.

My personality is such that I  would not have trusted anyone else with guiding me through this process (if you’ve been in the room with Richard for even a short period of time, you know he IS the person that can get you where you want to be!). This was too important! Richard also candidly stated that he is fantastic at manifesting his goals. He said it, I believed it! In front of the class, Richard took me through the process of writing my daily mantra. It was intense, and Richard very patiently guided me through it. When I went off the path (which can be often!), he gently guided me back and when I was stuck searching for the appropriate words, he pulled them out of me. When we were done, I had a mantra so strong that I knew without the shadow of a doubt that it would come to fruition if I did my part and put in the work. Something I also really appreciated was that Richard made sure the timeline for my goal was realistic. Sometimes I set timelines for goals that are not realistic, which means I am setting myself up for failure!  Richard questioned my initial time frame, which would have realistically only happened if I hit the lotto, rather than allowing me to repeat this mistake. Most important, during the process,  I could really FEEL that Richard believed in me! By the time we were done, so did I. When I initially started school, it was with an attitude of hope. I figured even if my business idea didn’t work out, at least I tried! When I was done with this manifestation exercise, I KNEW I would be successful.

The process  for me was not just a little assignment for me to pass time. I approached it as a tool that would guarantee success, if I did my part.  At the end of the exercise, I had to repeat the mantra out loud, and it had to be signed by a WITNESS! This made it even more real for me! I may or may not complete a goal I silently set for myself without being accountable to anyone else. However, when I toss it out to the universe and sign my name in front of a witness, “SO IT IS”, as Richard says! I have previously learned when you can’t believe in yourself, it is beneficial to believe in someone else’s belief in you, until you can believe in yourself! I am so grateful that Richard came into my life when he did! With Richard as my witness, I know I will definitely manifest my goals! I’m already off to a great start!

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