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Since joining Weight Watchers and making Lifetime over ten years ago, I no longer feel the need to celebrate every major milestone with cake. Over the course of a few years, I naturally started focusing on the celebratory event itself, and not the food. Sure, I would have cake for my birthday, but a birthday is the one event of the year in which cake is a requirement! I mean, seriously, you’ve got to have cake for your special day! Even after I got serious about my health and kept up the birthday cake tradition, it was still important that the cake was still lower in calories. My Supervisor  at that time was an awesome cook, literally producing cakes you would find only in bakeries. She made time in her busy schedule to bake a cake for every employees’ birthday! When mine came around after joining Weight Watcher’s, I mentioned I would bypass the cake that year since I was focusing on weight loss. I was sick and tired of starting over, so decided I would JUST DO IT, this time!

A real baker can create a lower calorie cake (and meals) that still taste great, and that is exactly what she did! She created an Angel Food cake that was TO DIE FOR (fruit toppings, fat-free whipped cream which was surprisingly good, and other lick smacking toppings!), and that became my yearly birthday cake as long as I was in the department. Technically, I am food addict and while I would celebrate everything with food when I originally joined, I am definitely a CARB kind of girl! The celebratory event would always involve eating out, but usually with french fries, a huge cheeseburger and chocolate shake. In N Out was my favorite fast food joint! I love carbs, like a chocolate lover loves chocolate, just to put it in perspective. Passing up cake is a LOT easier, than passing up french fries! Which really helps when Halloween comes around! If people handed out bags of fries, I would be in SERIOUS trouble!

Friday night I went out to celebrate with old co-workers. I had already stuffed my pie hole upon my arrival because I was pretty hungry when I arrived. Since I was one of the first to arrive, I ate with the those that were early as well. As others started trickling in and stacked up their plates, one of them noticed I wasn’t eating. Her comment was, “Are you not eating, or did you just eat fruits and vegetables?” Her reference was based on the fact that I am a Weight Watcher’s member! Although it was an innocent comment, I am definitely annoyed when people assume that because I am on Weight Watchers, I only eat fruit and veggies. This isn’t something that has not happened before, but it’s happening enough that I decided to blog about it (which means it’s reaching an annoying level so I need to get it off my chest!). I do want to mention that if a person joins Weight Watchers and really loves to eat, there is no way we will agree to eat only fruits and vegetables! We are, after all, food addicts that love to eat, or we wouldn’t be there. Also, if you looked at my before photo, which is 70 pounds heavier, you know I didn’t get that size just because I overate on fruits and veggies. Let’s just think about THAT realistically, lol…Another side thought is, why do people who are eating unhealthy, feel like it’s ok to comment on what I am eating, when I am not commenting on what they are eating? THAT baffles me, and I would love input.

In that moment, I decided I would blog about what being a Weight Watcher means for me, since what it definitely doesn’t mean not eating and being on a diet. In meetings we learn to deal with life, without eating it. It’s a support group, which I think is one of the reasons it has been around since the sixties! Realistically I will still overeat on any given day. Once a food addict, always a food addict. It’s what I do now with the new information that I’ve learned, that makes a difference. I figured I would share a few of the common sense things I do, that I can’t seem to do on my own without a support group to keep me accountable, lol. There is no secret to weight loss, even though millions of people keep searching for it. It is simply doing the best you can everyday, learning from experiencing, and repeating the next day! Never giving up! You never fail, if you never give up!

  1. Diets don’t work,  so I don’t deprive myself of foods I love! I did not cut out ANYTHING once I joined Weight Watchers, I mainly cut back!
  2. I THINK about the upcoming week (at the START of the week) and all of the events possibly centered around food. Then I plan accordingly. I  definitely don’t fall into success, I need to plan ahead for it like I do for every other goal in my life. (learned after trying Weight Watchers 3 times previously and several other weight loss quick fixes that didn’t work). Figured this last time, it might be a good idea to just work the program the way it is designed!
  3. I eat regular meals throughout the day on the days of social events, no extras and usually a salad for lunch, so that I can eat more of what I want at the event.
  4. I choose what’s WORTH it for me, instead of eating everything in sight like I used too. If it’s something I can get at anytime, it’s a waste for me to use of my  food budget on it. It’s just dumb for me to gain weight on something I can eat at anytime, lol…
  5. I eat off of a salad plate, not piling UP the regular sized plates with tons of food. Just because I can get a ton of food on my plate by piling up, doesn’t mean I should actually EAT said food! Then I move away from the food and don’t socialize there.
  6. I move more, and make that a priority in my life. When I finally  accepted that I have to move in order to maintain my weight and be healthy, that really went a long way for my mental. I hated to exercise when I started, and fought the idea that I needed to do it. I definitely looked for a lot of short cuts when I joined, trying to reinvent the wheel in order to be successful. When I accepted moving more had to be come a way of life, after asking my Leader if I HAD to do it to reach my goal and she said yes, it made life a lot easier. Reality is that there are a lot of things I don’t want to do daily, but do them anyway (like going to work when I would rather be somewhere having fun!), so doing something I needed to do for MYSELF on a regular basis, just made sense
  7. I pay attention to portions and read labels. UNHEARD of before Weight Watchers! A serving was whatever I ate! (meaning I also weigh and measure my foods, most of the time, lol).
  8. I take part in a support group in which I post daily accountability. The most important part of a support group for me, is being around others that are also serious about their goals. If the other members make excuses, they can’t support me because they will accept my excuses and none of us will reach our goals. Not reaching any goal I set out to accomplish is unacceptable to me!
  9. I don’t EVER get comfortable with my weight loss, thinking I’ve got this and don’t need support. I am ALWAYS one french fry and a double-double away from regaining the 70 pounds lost!
  10. I stay connected to whats going on in the health and fitness world. Reading about obesity, and all of the obesity related illnesses are enough for me to be SCARED STRAIGHT!
  11. Remembering my WHY (why I wanted to lose weight while I was of sane mind before a ton of delish food was placed in front of me!) which can be a mental or physical anchor which brings me back to reality, helps me stay focused.
  12. Start over the next day, or the next meal on any given day that did not go as planned.
  13. Remember weight loss is MENTAL, and I can’t outsmart it. I just need to work the plan and stay aware of when I am eating for a reason other than hunger
  14. I start my day with motivational quotes, and apply them to my Weight Watcher life. It wasn’t natural to be a positive person, so I needed daily assistance!
  15. I plan exercise with other people in order to stay accountable! If it’s just me, there is a chance that I will stay in bed when I need to exercise. If I am meeting someone, I will NOT let them down.

2 thoughts on “The Daily Post

    • Exactly, which is why I am excited to Coach in both areas! I realized it while losing the 70 pounds and often make references about the correlation in my meetings! Definitely proves if you can budget, you can lose weight or vice versa!


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