The Daily Post:Twinkle


There’s a twinkle in my eye this morning! This is something unusual for me as my eyes are usually glazed over from the lack of sleep which comes from working three jobs, the first one starting at 4am!. I’m reminded of the quote that says, “Do what you HAVE to do, until you can do what you WANT to do”! I googled it to see who the original author is, and while I believe I’ve narrowed it down to Oprah Winfrey,  it seems like a lot of celebrities have quoted their own version of this same message. That’s no surprise as I have also done the same thing. I’ve arrived in a magnificent place by doing what I had to do,  work three jobs for a few years in order to reach my goals. I just never slowed down to put the action I took to get where I want to be, into words! Along with taking control of my future by starting my own Life Coach business, The Courage To Shift  (and not leaving my future in the hands of someone who is not as invested in my future as I am), I am now able to give back by volunteering at a monthly Divorce Clinic, and leading Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University!

Tomorrow is the last day of my part-time job! I have been working two to three jobs since my oldest son was born, and he will be twenty-nine in December! Of course, it’s possible I could have gotten somewhere, anywhere, faster had I known where I was going and become intentional about my money as well as my life a lot sooner. Finding the answers to both actually came from attending Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, which is why I am super excited to finally lead my first FPU class starting Sunday, Sept 11th! What I want to do not only included starting my own business in order to retire inspired, but it also involved having time to give back! I wanted to be in a position to share hope and inspiration with others. This really became important to me as I reached goals I wasn’t quite should I could when I first set out on my journey over seven years ago. I now feel like the fact that I have done something that seemed impossible (only in my own mind!), means that I am obligated to support others as they started their own personal journies. Honestly, there’s even something really cool about being a small piece of the puzzle that helps someone else reach their goals! There is nothing more inspirational than being around others that have accomplished something I am working towards. I was reminded of this fact just yesterday! I stopped by the home of someone I’m contemplating a business transaction with. I left INSPIRED because she shared that she is debt free INCLUDING her home, and got there by following Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball plan as well! I’m currently working on the same step in my Debt Snowball, paying off my home early ! Surely if another single, divorced mom can do this, so can I! Perfect example of how sharing your story inspires others! The twinkle in my eye was even brighter just because of the short contact with someone who’s been where I am headed!

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