The Courage To shift, At Your Service!

I’ve come to realize that the decision to start my own business was the easiest part of the entire process, even though 15 years passed before I finally found the courage to take the first step. Deciding who I was here to serve proved to be more of a challenge.  I knew I needed to focus on areas in which I am not only passionate but also in which I’ve excelled. For this reason, my initial thought was to focus on finances and weight loss. They seemed like natural choices as I have succeeded at both. I have lost (and refuse to ever again find) the 70 pounds I shed over 10 years ago! Like many others, I’ve attempted to lose weight unsuccessfully many times over the course of a 20 year span. I was finally successful only after I wrapped my head around MY truth, which is that weight loss is mental. I’ve also successfully gotten on track with my finances and are not only debt free (except my home which will be paid off early), but I’ve recently graduated a son from college with a degree in Engineering, debt free! I’ve also successfully changed my family tree!

Interestingly enough, the other areas of focus came to me later by way of my higher power. The first message received was to serve others that desired a fresh start in life. I myself needed my own fresh start after job hunting (not a career) for several years due to the volatility of my chosen field, and having already been laid off once at my current work location. At 49, I decided to obtain my Life Coach Certification. It took a lot of courage to overcome my fears, shift my mindset (hence the name of my business, The Courage To Shift) and return to school among students that were the age of my children. During the process,  I realized there were many in jobs they no longer loved (and possibly never even liked),  but wasn’t sure how to move forward so they just accepted where they are. It was exciting when I realized  this is an area I am definitely passionate about, but I also actually qualified as an expert in that field as I’d done it! The second message received was empowering women as they transitioned through the divorce process.  It wasn’t natural to think I excelled at divorce, and it certainly wasn’t something I was proud of. The decision was made for me, however, when as I was asked to be the Life Coach at a monthly divorce clinic in Gilbert, Second Saturdays. I COULD be considered an expert as I have been divorced more than once and not only learned a lot, but we both survived,  lol. Even though I said yes initially because I did not want to turn down any opportunity, I realized I definitely had valuable experience to offer these women. I stood up and took control of my life after 46 years, setting aside the fears and insecurities that had kept me frozen for far too long. Even more importantly, it’s an opportunity to take part in assisting other women by walking beside them as they realize they are more powerful and capable than they initially thought!! The word “empowerment”, alone just excites me!

My website, lists my upcoming events. This week, Friday, September 16, my son and I are being interviewed by Shanna Tingom with Heritage Financial Strategies regarding my son’s debt free graduation from ASU. I also just started leading my  Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University 9 week get out of debt course, and I just confirmed a second class that will start on October 6th. It’s hot off the press so not listed yet. It’s an honor to be of service!



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