The Daily Post:


I wonder if it’s a coincidence that the words SLOG and SLUG are polar opposites, but are very similar in their spelling! The definition of a slog (used as a verb) is to work hard over a period of time. The definition of a slug (as a noun) is a slow, lazy person. Both words describe me at some point during my 70 weight loss journey! A weight loss I still maintain today, ten years later! It’s important to mention that my slug persona was ALL mental! I was never physically lazy as I’ve always worked two-three jobs for the last 29 years. Sitting on a couch is pretty much where I was after work. I deserved to sit down after working so hard (I can JUSTIFY anything regardless of my goal!), and was always tired so I simply wasn’t motivated to move. I wanted to lose weight all my life, but I wasn’t willing to sacrifice in order to make it happen. Apparently I didn’t want it bad enough to do something about it.

My weight loss journey finally became a priority, but only after receiving confirmation of a breast mass. My mind can go from zero to sixty in one minute! As soon as I heard the news, I self diagnosed myself with breast cancer, kids as homeless since I was a single parent, and I even imagined what the speakers were sharing at my funeral! All in sixty seconds! I simply thought I was going to die. At the follow-up appointment, I picked up the pamphlet on breast cancer. It’s pretty nerve-racking to wait for results, and also annoying that you are waiting half-naked in a freezing room with nothing to do. Reading is all you can do in order to get your mind out of FEAR, (future events appearing real), if only for a few moments. I noticed that regardless of the type of cancer, even colon cancer, simply being at a healthy weight was beneficial. In that moment I decided if I were going to die and leave my kids homeless on this planet, I needed to do everything in my power to prevent it from happening. It would have just been selfish not too! Shutting my pie hole and getting off the couch tired or not were both within my control. Not only were my kids  worth it, so was I. I finally had a WHY that gave me the motivation needed to move from slug, to slog!


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