The Daily Post:Together

Together my son and I worked our butts off in order to make it possible for him to graduate DEBT FREE from Arizona State University with a Mechanical Engineering degree! He worked two jobs while attending college, I worked three (and two side businesses just because I didn’t have enough to do!) to help. He hasn’t realized how incredible this is yet, but as he goes through life without being held back by debt, he will realize what a major accomplishment this really is!  Sadly, I’d heard that a debt free graduation wasn’t possible so I believed the hype. Everyone was saying it, which automatically made it true. Thankfully I changed my environment, which changed the input of the messages received and we proved the Naysayers wrong! Who is “everyone” anyway, and what REALLY makes them an expert? My dream was for my children to have a life I didn’t have, which was a life governed by debt (no more, however, thanks to Financial Peace University!).  It’s pretty awesome that he can WAIT for the career he desires (he’s searching for a Mechanical Engineering position), and not have to just take a J-O-B ! With the ability to live his life without being shackled by debt, I’d say he’s on his way!

To hear our Debt Free interview by Shannon Tingom with Heritage Financial Strategies, check it out on Facebook or Twitter. If you have a problem opening the link and would like to listen, just google Heritage Financial Strategies or Voice America and you’ll our 09/16 interview!  To listen, click on the blue link NEXT TO listen now, it will come up in a side box on the right, THEN click play. You can also find the interview on Twitter.

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