The Daily Post:Passionate


I’m extremely passionate about being myself, not who others think or would like me to be. When I saw the daily post word of the day, passionate, I went in search of a photo to represent how passion looks and feels in my mind. My immediate thought was a field of butterflies and sunflowers, with a deep blue sky as a backdrop. Blue is my favorite color and I love and have always been drawn to both sunflowers and butterflies my entire life. That might come as a surprise to many, but not to those who truly know me. As I searched for just the right photo, I came across this quote. In an instant I knew it was the perfect representation of passion.

I remember being in my therapists’ office, commenting that sometimes I wish I could go with the flow and follow the crowd. In my mind, life seemed a lot easier for those that do. I will never forget what she said. People that go through life never speaking up, also pay the price for making that decision (as I do when I decide I need to voice my opinion). Oftentimes they pay the price with their health.  That was very interesting to me as I’d never thought about it like that before. Holding on to the stress that comes from going along simply to get along, and not voicing opinions can lead to depression, stress eating (obesity), high blood pressure, and many other health challenges. I know that because it was who I used to be, and I wasn’t happy even when I was that person. I simply needed that reminder. Progress, not perfection will always be my goal.

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