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In order to move forward in life, I’ve had to agree to disagree many times. With myself. The negative conversations I was plagued with for many years were shaped by my dysfunctional background. Everyone has a story, but not everyone decides to stay IN that story for the rest of their lives. Honestly, once I became an adult I figured out I could choose to take control of my life and stop blaming my parents for every mistake I think they made. History can’t be undone, but I had choices and could decide to change my family tree! Even as I’m writing this, I realized I am a different person today because of my boys. I had to change in order to increase their likelihood for success.

Everyone knows by now that I am a Dave Ramsey nerd! I listen to his show each and every day as a source of motivation. I am not surrounded by others with similar goals so I took control and set myself up for success by creating my own support system . If you need encouragement of ANY KIND, I would highly recommend  you listen to Dave’s short interview with Inky Johnson (attached). Not being a football fan (except on Superbowl Sunday because of the delicious food and awesome commercials), I’d never heard of him. Now I will never forget him. He is one of the most INSPIRING people I’ve ever come across! I was amazed when he said, “Adversity introduces people to who they really are. One person will break and another will go on to break records, using that adversity to encourage others!”

Check it out and please share your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “Disagree:The Daily Post

  1. Disagreement with yourself (especially being able to say “no” to the person in the mirror) is one of the most powerful things a person can learn to move forward in life! Great post and I really enjoyed the Dave Ramsey interview. 🙂

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