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I have some unfinished business. It’s time to complete Baby Step 6 from Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball, paying off my home early. I became debt free last November after seven long, sleepless and painful years. It was WELL worth every sacrifice I made, even cable! I notice that when I share my excitement,  the first question I receive is, “even the house?”. The next response is sympathy because I gave up cable. Apparently I’ve been suffering for years and never realized it! I WILL come clean and add that cable was the hardest and last sacrifice I made. Just to be clear, giving up cable isn’t a requirement. I finally realized after the first two years of working my  debt snowball that the deeper the sacrifice, the faster I would reach my goal. Cable was cut that day!

I find it interesting that most will only consider my debt free status as a major accomplishment, AFTER my home is paid off. As if there are tons of your average, everyday single parent divorced Joe’s walking around with NO DEBT! As if every single mother graduated a child debt free from college. Eh, not a big deal at all, apparently everyone’s doing it these days! I’m not bothered by that attitude (even though I was surprised), only amused. Thankfully, impressing others wasn’t the reason I decided to get out of debt. In fact, the desire to pay my home off early was a result of my recent decision to Co-Coordinate my first Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class! There is NOTHING more inspiring than being around a group of other motivated people.  Having a support group (or person) is the reason for success in every goal I’ve ever set out to achieve. It’s also the reason I decided to start my Life Coach business. I figured I wasn’t the only person with unfinished business.

2 thoughts on “Unfinished:The Daily Post

  1. We cut the cable as well back when we were first married and have not missed it a bit! 🙂 Congratulations on making it to Baby Step 6! Be proud of what you have accomplished so far because there are so many people who do not even know what they are missing out on! All the best!!! -Lindsey

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