Daily Post:Breakthrough


Thankfully I’ve had many, but the most significant breakthrough for me was the realization of my own self-worth!  It took many years for this particular breakthrough to materialize, and it was definitely the catalyst for the rest. I figured out the key for me was removing myself from negative environments and people with no guilt (even those I’m related too), in order to become the person I am today. I have to honestly add that I can easily become one of those people, so I have to watch it. While I am a lot better at it, I am still a work in progress. After my breakthrough, I began to pay attention to how I felt about MYSELF after interactions with specific people. When I didn’t like the feeling I limited my exposure to some of them, and others I just simply cut off for my own good.

I really loved this Chelsea Handler video with her breakthrough on jealously, something I struggled with in the past.  What has helped when I felt the green-eyed monster trying to emerge,  is to remember that I would never be willing to do the things most of them have done to reach that particular status. Therefore, jealousy is a wasted emotion for me.



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