Daily Post:Values


Today was Lesson 4, Dumping Debt, in my Financial Peace University class. The Co-Coordinator showed a powerful debt free scream that I had not seen before. It was very emotional as a young couple married, and less than two years later the husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Because the couple had an emergency fund, they were able to focus on his care rather than stress about finances. The sad part of the story is that the husband died. The AMAZING part is that before he died, he ensured his wife was taken care of by paying off the house. Interestingly enough, I blogged about values this morning and how loving someone means taking care of them in life, and in death.

Financial peace means exactly that. Peace means not stressing about life at every single emergency because you don’t know how you will pay for it (or living on credit cards because you have no other choice). Love doesn’t pay bills or keep the lights on. Love doesn’t fund family emergencies, prepare you for unexpected lay offs and medical emergencies, or provide the basic necessities for our children. Love doesn’t allow young adults to graduate from college with a ton of debt that they can’t pay back. In fact, as Tina Turner said, “What’s Love Got To Do With It?!”!

Love makes sure your family is provided for, and changes the family tree! Nothing is worse than the taste of REGRET (beets run a close second), knowing you could have prepared for your future but just didn’t make it a priority.

Check out this fabulous debt free scream!



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