Daily Post:Daring


Some might call it daring, others might call it just plain fed up , but I called it stepping out on faith when I left my marriage! After considering it for a few years, I decided to leave the fears behind and TRUST HIM! Listening to other people was the reason I stayed longer than I should. As Dave Ramsey says, “opinions are like armpits, everyone has one, and some of them stink”! The truth of the matter is that I changed after the marriage. My I DO, went to I DID. I went from FREE SPIRIT, to NERD, and all of a sudden living from paycheck to paycheck wasn’t acceptable. Not planning for retirement, no longer acceptable. Not having money in the bank to take care of emergencies was no longer an option for me. Taking vacations on my credit card simply wasn’t fun anymore. I stopped living in the moment, and started thinking about my future. For the first time in my life, I trusted HIM 100% knowing that whatever happened, HE would take care of me. HE always had, even when I wasn’t aware of it!

However, I had to accept my part in the failure. Who knew there were key items that should be discussed BEFORE you were married! I thought marriage meant the person would just do the right thing because they loved you. I learned that a person can love you, but that doesn’t mean they will do what is in your best interest. It was a tough lesson, and a mistake I won’t ever repeat again. Before I enter into my next relationship, I will be sure to ask the right questions! According to research, the four main areas you need to be in harmony on before you get married are:

2. Religion
3. Money

It doesn’t mean you won’t have marital challenges, it just means the marriage is more likely to survive if you have agreements in these areas before you commit! I’ve attached an article that goes into more detail!


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