Writing Cruise:Did You Know?!!!

I was recently invited to attend a Divorce Support group to see what value I could add as a Life Coach.  I came home having received a lot of unexpected value and major insight of my own! I love unexpected blessings, and thankfully am a lot better when it comes to my awareness of them! (In the past when life was not going the way I imagined it should, it was easy to only focus on the negatives and forget the blessings). I’ve been wanting to write a book for over twenty years and was ecstatic when a member shared information on a writing cruise!  I started blogging in order to bring attention to my Life Coach business, and loved it so much it reignited my desire to become a published author!  I don’t believe in coincidences and it was not one that I was in a sports bar at 7pm on a Tuesday night, after just having worked six days in row and my day starting at 3 a.m. If you know me at all, you would also know that I don’t even frequent Sports Bars!

That being said, I have a lot to learn about writing so am thrilled to learn from anyone willing to share their knowledge.  The other invaluable insight for me is that I’ve come a long way since my own Divorce. I was reminded of my own pain and also wondering how long before the fear, sleepless nights and emotional roller coaster  all subsided. While there was no set healing time frame I could share because it just depends on the person going through it, I can personally say that once I DECIDED I was tired of living in that story, it became easier to move on each and every day. I had to, however,  take the first crucial step and make that conscious decision to move forward. I was done being a victim.

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The following information is on the Writing Cruise,  the photo is of Christina Delay, the host.  I plan to be on the 2017 cruise and it would be AWESOME to meet fellow WordPress bloggers and put a face with a blog name. See more at cruisingwriters.com!

Cruising Writers is hosted by Christina Delay, author of young adult and women’s fiction. A member of RWA and a founding member of the group blog Readerlicious.com, Christina has attended numerous conferences, intensives, and writing workshops. In her day job, she also runs Nimbus Brands, an event planning and advertising business located in Houston, Texas.  Christina brings ten years of event planning experience, covering everything from high-end corporate retreats to charity concerts, and combines it with her writing experiences in Cruising Writers.

Our Writing Workshops

After hosting a Margie Lawson five-day Immersion intensive in her home in 2014,  Christina came up with the idea of Cruising Writers. What better way to host an intensive writing workshop than to have someone else do the cooking? Christina also realized that some of her best experiences from conferences and intensives came from talking shop and brainstorming story ideas with bestselling authors. She wanted to create an event that gave other writers the same kind of experience. A true retreat where all can relax, gain valuable skills from incredible teaching, and have the opportunity to chat with an author who has been there, done that, and succeeded. As Cruising Writers started to form, Christina also added agents and publishers to the mix, to give retreaters a chance to create a professional network, pitch their stories, and come away from the week with an amazing experience.

Writing takes priority during your time with us.

Writing Retreat on a cruise and beachYou will begin the writing retreat getting to know your fellow retreaters as well as our guest speakers at a welcome event. Then you will spend two days in writing workshops learning about craft and discovering new techniques to apply to your writing. Our days in port will provide you with plenty of time to explore, write on a beach, discover a new treasure, or visit the spa. Whatever you like. This is your time. Your writing retreat.

Our last day of the cruise will focus on the business of writing, as we hear from experts in the industry like bestselling authors from both the Traditional and Indie worlds, as well as listen to what agents and editors have to say about the writing industry.

The best part about our writing retreat?

We keep the writing retreat small. So you are guaranteed a close working relationship with our speakers. Our speakers will be joining you throughout the retreat, giving you valuable access to their industry insights on your specific manuscript.

Are you ready to pitch? Our guest editor and agent is ready to listen.

Do you want to brainstorm an idea with a bestselling author? They are ready to help.

Do you need to relax on the deck by the pool and write? The deck is waiting and the pool is the perfect temperature.

Write. Rest. Retreat.

Accelerate your career and create an unforgettable experience.


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