Daily Post:Himalayan Salt Lamps are my new Candles!


I have always been a lover of candles and routinely enjoyed the various fragrances (rotated with the seasons) wafting throughout my home while living in California! Of course candles are also beneficial when it comes to setting the mood, but I mainly enjoyed the feelings of peace and relaxation that accompanied the aromas (while my kids were home!). I didn’t learn until much later that the sense of smell is connected to memory as well as emotional receptors. Certain scents tend to promote positive emotions in everyone, which explained my unusual affinity towards them (loving jeans and trains and more than dresses and dolls).  The familiar smells brought back pleasant memories so I was unknowingly reliving the happy times of my past, through the fragrances. After residing in Arizona for only a few short years, my entire family was diagnosed with asthma and allergies. Arizona was no longer the place to migrate for those with respiratory problems! According to my physician, the only way to bypass taking medication for the rest of my life was to relocate, again. Too many families had migrated to Arizona bringing shrubbery WITH them that were not indigenous to Arizona, and had stolen my joy!  While I was sad to end the candle love affair, there is no denying that a major benefit was money saved! Candles can really become addictive as there is a new aroma to enjoy around every corner and season as well. I’m excited to share the new love in my life, Himalayan Salt Lamps! Although the answer to my son was that they were known to ward off evil spirits (I was tired and watched too much sci-fi back in the day), I ordered them based on the surprising health related benefits! Additional benefts are that they beautiful substitutes for not only a night-light, but a mood setter as well should you be so inclined. Not that I would know anything about that! I was very pleased when I received my Amazon order, two salt lamps and gorgeous night light ! The photo shown is just one example of the various shapes and sizes to choose from, and there are many more beautiful options! Sharing my research below!

Since water vapour is in the air we breathe and carries positively charged airborne pathogens like bacteria, viruses, fungus and other irritants, attracting them to the negatively charged surface of the lamp neutralizes their charge. Not only that, but it also helps neutralize those positively charged ions in the air. In simpler terms, the negative ions produced by the salt lamp will detoxify the air of bio-toxins by attaching themselves to positively charged particles like pathogenic bacteria, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, smoke, dust, and other hazardous airborne particles, thereby muting their potential adverse effects.

Not only do these lamps help remove airborne bio-toxins from the surrounding environment, they also help neutralize the amount of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) in which we are constantly being subjected. These disruptive frequencies, generated primarily by electronics, WiFi signals, appliances, and electrical wiring, have permeated our environment and created an “over charged” atmosphere that doesn’t resonate well with our (and the Earth’s) natural frequency. When this disruption to our natural electric field occurs, it creates chaos in our cells, hormones, and sleep patterns which in turn facilitates illness.

These are two major reasons why being able to generate negative ions in your home is a worthwhile endeavour, and himalayan salt lamps just happen to be a relatively easy and practical way to do it!

The health benefits of himalayan salt lamps

Due to the purifying of the air, as well as creating a more friendly frequency that resonates with our own electrical fields, salt lamps can have a number of health benefits, including:
•Reducing respiratory problems and improving breathing
•Alleviating asthma and allergy symptoms
•Reducing stress due to a lowered EMF load
•Improving sleep, which maximizes your key regeneration period
•Reducing the incidence of headaches and migraines
•Reducing symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis
•Reducing general fatigue
•Improving cognitive function and ability to concentrate

Considering these lamps are a one time purchase with inexpensive bulbs (avoid fluorescents) the only thing needing to be replaced, they are a simple and economical solution to improving your health.


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