Daily Post:Urgent


As I see signs of change in the workplace, I am urgently working on promoting my Transformational Life Coach business, The Courage To Shift . 14642523_10209682382808311_5829178983471959988_n-1I’ve always had the desire to be a small business owner, but was never sure what to do or where to start. After going through life choosing jobs simply because they paid the bills, I yearned for a career (so different from having a job) in a field that I enjoyed! I’ve heard that when you really enjoy what you are doing it doesn’t feel like work, and I want to experience that feeling. After much thought, I realized fulfillment would come from a business that allowed me to be of service to others in a meaningful way. I crave that feeling of satisfaction that comes from making a difference in someone’s life, and to know what it feels like to be excited about my day when I wake up in mornings. It just made sense to finally act on my ten-year old dream of becoming a Life Coach. So many others, like me, had just given up hope of ever achieving the goals that had been buried deep inside their soul. I decided that wasn’t how my story was going to end, and would be honored to assist others with changing their destiny!

Have you tried to lose weight unsuccessfully on your own or in group settings, but lack the required discipline? Are you “stuck” in a relationship or job and feel like you are worthy of more but are unsure of what to do about it? Do you often find that you have more month left than money, and need assistance taking charge of your finances? Are you frustrated with the mental health system and need help with navigation? I would be honored to help guide you through the process (with proven tools) of deciding what you really want out of life, and creating an action plan to achieve those goals! Until the day comes that my business income surpasses my fulltime job income, it’s back to the grind!

See my credentials/accomplishments at http://www.thecouragetoshift.com

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