Daily Post:Artificial


Sometimes introverts are viewed much like an artificial intelligence. We might be hard to understand and at times seem to lack emotion. That is not the case. Sharing this great piece on introverts! There is more to us than meets the eye! We just need to be inspired or motivated to show it!

If you are an introvert, please share your thoughts on how this relates to you, if at all. I am all of these, but especially 1, 3, 5, and 7!

If you are not, but are sometimes frustrated with communicating with the introvert in your life, feel free to ask questions! Communication is golden!


4 thoughts on “Daily Post:Artificial

  1. This is really interesting. My husband is introverted. Opposites attract. He fits a few of those numbers above, but not all. And I’ve never thought of him as introverted, but more as antisocial. Your post has given me a new perspective. Thank you!

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