Daily Post: Smoke


The phrase “where there’s smoke there’s fire” means that if something looks wrong then it probably is wrong – just like if you see smoke then there probably is a fire somewhere. This phrase is often used in a situation when people are trying to figure out something – whether it’s about a person, a situation, or whatever. When the signs of trouble are there, then that means that trouble is probably there as well.

Since making the decision to take control of my life, I’ve been paying more attention to my environment and the people I spend the most time around. I believe that we not only become more like them, we also attract what we are. That explains the challenges from my past. These days I no longer ignore my intuition. I listen to my heart, or pay attention to the knot in my stomach rather than forging ahead not trusting myself as I’ve done in the past. Even though I’ve had to say no to opportunities and people, it’s been making a significant difference in my life! By saying no to what feels wrong intuitively, I’m leaving room for the blessings I should be receiving! Guess what, it’s working!13255972_1013666088686485_1781637049745655696_n


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