Daily Post:Eerie


Although this is fabulous poetry, I love that it is also educational and gives a glimpse into the minds of those that suffer from the heart-wrenching disease. Mental illness touches my family in many ways, and I’m hoping life changes for me in the near future so that I am able to support this important cause through volunteer work!

Psycho Babble

The soft soothing light
Slowly starts to fade
And the grip on my sanity
Begins to degrade

My spirit sinks slowly
Back into the black sea
As I realize normalcy and happiness
Was not meant to be

Devoured once again
By my ravenous psychosis
As Insanity takes hold
Death of my spirit is my final prognosis

The demons start appear
As paranoia starts to set in
And the eerie unsettling voices
Start to begin

As I now wander lost
Within my sickened mind
Escape from schizophrenia
I know I shall never find

Copyright © Thomas King | Year Posted 2016


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