Daily Post:Giant


I took a giant leap of faith when I decided to dissolve my marriage. While I was still committed 100% when I made the decision, he was not. He didn’t want to be there, and his heart had been elsewhere for quite a while. I couldn’t blame him. After all, the free spirit credit card using instant gratification woman he had married was no longer there. She had been replaced with a newer, less exciting model. Apparently the new version wasn’t as fun as the old one. This model started focusing on budgeting and retirement! Those two items weren’t part of the agreement when marriage was discussed! He must have felt cheated!

I’m not enamored with the lives of celebrities since their fame does not benefit my life. However, when passing by this quote from Angelina Jolie I had  the urge to save it. She and I finally have something in common, our thought process that something is not always better than nothing. The norm I’d encountered was staying comfortable with the uncomfortable just because it seemed easier. It might seem physically easier for others, but the emotional toil of remaining in my comfort zone was more than I could handle. Residing for long periods of time in any stressful environment wears down my body both physically and mentally. It also impacts every other area of my life, causing conflict with the  innocent victims I come into contact with. Once my home became a daily battleground, I knew my peace of mind was at stake and being alone suddenly looked more promising than my current situation. While there was no sense in prolonging the inevitable, continuing to settle meant I was also blocking my designated blessing by holding on to the past. It was time to take a giant step forward, into my future!

Attached is the related Joel Osteen message regarding having peace in your life, on purpose! FEAR (future events appearing real) can sometimes cloud our judgement, which makes tough decisions even more difficult. Joel gives guidance on learning to be at peace during challenging times.


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