Daily Post:Irksome


I’m excited about stepping out of my comfort zone and starting my own Transformational Life Coach business after having the desire for over twenty years. I think we get more courageous as we age once we realize that we have spent half our lives being something we weren’t meant to be. While social media is  not only crucial but beneficial to the success of my business, the amount of time it is taking me to grasp all of the moving pieces and various programs is quite irksome. I can’t quit my money making jobs yet, which would allow more time to take the required courses I need to enhance my social media skills. That means I am participating in on the job training. I’m looking forward to the day in which I will have time to learn all of the ins and outs of social media, but it just isn’t possible with my work schedule. I did, however, attend school to become a Life Coach while working three jobs. That was no easy feat as becoming a coach means dealing with your own issues and moving forward in your own life, before you can even attempt to assist someone else!


When I graduated from college we were still typing reports on type-writers and technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today. Couple that with working several jobs while trying to build my business, and you have a recipe for chaos. While I do have grown sons that are more advanced in these areas, their patience is lacking when it comes to assisting their mother with social media. No worries, when I reap the benefits of my hard work which I will, I think they will have more time for me, lol. Thankfully my personality is such that when I want to get something done and hit a wall, I find another way (which is a great attribute of a Life Coach). So far it is taking me twice as long to reach my goals, but I am excited to be making progress. After all, the hard work is worth it, and so am I!


Which leads me to my WordPress question. Is there a way to develop an email sign up list on my blog, and if so, and how do I make that happen? Do I need to download a special program? In addition, if you created an email list at the time of your business launch,  what type of articles did you send out and how often?

Any and all advice would be appreciated!



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    • Thanks for the feedback! An associate uses CC for her wix.com website and it creates a data base she can directly send her emails from. I was told that Wix, even though free and easier to set up , is not very user friendly for cellphone users which is why I started my blog here. I will also send the question to the WordPress help area and post the response here in case anyone else is wondering.

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