Daily Post:Primp


It’s probably sad to say since I am a female, but I don’t spend a lot of time primping in front of the mirror, or anywhere else for that matter. Primp is the one “P”word that is not in my vocabulary. I am definitely more of the guy/girl, and always have been. I prefer jeans and  t-shirts, and I can trip and fall just LOOKING at a woman’s high heel shoes! I loved playing baseball, begged my mother for toy trains or race tracks (received the Barbie dream house instead), and asked if I could wear a Zoot Suit to my high school prom. Of my mother’s three daughters, I was probably the one that confused her the most, lol. Like mom, the other girls were up early to apply make up and didn’t leave the house without completing both. I on the other-hand, value my sleep and it’s a good day if I manage to put on eye-liner and lipstick. Even THAT little bit is only for special occasions, and work wouldn’t be one of them.

I simply wasn’t interested in putting that much effort into looking polished all day. I definitely didn’t want to worry about re-applying makeup or spilling food on my clothing after I went out for the day. I seem to have that perpetual hole in my lip. If I started the day off primping, I was going to have to spend more time during the day completing the follow-up primp. I don’t have that kind of time. I also don’t care for high heels or even understand wearing shoes I have to carry more than I wear because they are not comfortable. If I need the back up shoes for the shoes, I don’t need them! If I wear a dress and have to spend the entire day pulling it down or adjusting it, that’s too much work. I simply love to be comfortable!

The four events I felt were most worthy of  primping for over the last 50 years are all shown here.  Middle School Graduation, High School Senior Photos, High School 20th Reunion, and basic training graduation! I actually would have agreed to a full-blown photo shoot and entire day of primping after all of those weeks of boot camp! I’ve learned to just accept “knowing” that make-up will only enhance my natural beauty, lol.



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