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This weekend I accomplished the lofty goal of writing a book at the Tom Bird Write A Book in a Weekend Retreat! I have to admit, when this opportunity was first shared with me a few months ago, I didn’t believe it could be done! Something said to try it anyway (I’m sure it was my higher power!). This year I’ve been focusing on listening to my inner-spirit, and following the direction I’m instructed to take. Trusting can be hard for me at times, so this year I’ve been focusing on quieting my mind chatter and allowing the feelings come through!

This writing retreat was an A-MA-ZING experience and it’s very exciting that a book which had been inside of me for YEARS, was birthed! It’s also awesome to have another goal eliminated from my bucket list, in the same year as the first goal no less! (yes, sometimes I am an overachiever!). The first achievement was becoming a Life Coach, and my goal is on holding space for others while they find their true life purpose as I have been lead to do. My specialty is in weight loss, finances, and fresh-starts of any kind!

It was a heavy burden living a life based on who others thought I was supposed to be and a relief to finally step into my authentic self! I can’t wait to see where I am guided next on my journey of self-awareness!


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