I swear! Or do I?

Interested in your thoughts on swearing. I am currently revising my first book and one of the chapters is titled,  What The F!ck.  I checked with the host on the appropriateness of profanity, and he approved stating  it was acceptable because it is language used today. Even though it will definitely be a turn off to some, it’s exactly what I said when I was at a point in my life in which I had no idea how I got there! I’ve been known to use the F word a time or two in real life situations! (or 10!)

I wrote a book. Now what?

NOTE this one is sort of NSFW, I did sensor though.

I got a review recently suggesting to add a profanity to my book. I’m not a prude by any means, I can be foul-mouthed when appropriate. I didn’t think the scene necessarily needed one. The biggies are not in my book and I haven’t given much thought to adding them… yet.

When reviewed by a professional I was told my writing is borderline Young Adult and New Adult. That the writing style and content could swing either way. Not a bad thing I was assured. This means I am open to a wider market. Huh. Okay so what to do about swearing?  At this point I think I’ll leave it out. Now it’s been brought to my attention I will have to think more on this. What is acceptable? What isn’t? Does it even matter anymore? Given the content and settings of my…

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5 thoughts on “I swear! Or do I?

    • Great article, thanks! If I were a public speaker there is no way I would ever curse on stage, period. My thought is just one word in a book that was what I actually said to myself, lol. I like the idea of of leaving it in the air , WTF, and they can interpret as needed. I think that would actually be kind of fun! When I click on your name, it doesn’t take me to your blog?


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