How Combined Finances Helped Us Get to FIRE Faster

Great post about married couples combining incomes to get further, faster! Most of my married friends have separate accounts, I will always be an advocate of joint accounts. If everything is not joined, why get married?

Our Next Life

It’s been a while since we’ve talked love. While we can schmoop out with the best of ’em, we’ll spare you the sappy stuff today and talk instead about our approach to money as a couple, and how it has impacted how quickly we’ve been able to get to our early retirement goal. And since you already saw the title of this post, I’m not spoiling anything to say:

We are absolutely going to be able to retire earlier because our finances are completely combined.

If we maintained even partially separated finances, we’d still be years away from our goal.

We’re big believers in “you do you,” so this post isn’t an attempt to say that fully combined finances are the best approach, or that they’re right for everyone. Every couple needs to figure out what works best for them, both financially and in terms of the feelings that come…

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