The reason why you will never measure up to others

Loved his take on comparisons! I would guess the levels of depression are on an upswing thanks to social media. We now have the ability to now compare ourselves not only to our personal friends and family, but also to people we don’t even knowl! In the past we might have only tried to live like the few Joneses we came into contact with in own limited social circles, or read about in magazines. Now there is an entire society of “Joneses” directly at our fingertips to tempt us even more into the trap of being ungrateful for what we have.

Genius Unbound

One of the main roots of depression stems from this chronic disease that all of humanity shares as a collective…the disease of comparing. We all want to stand out, and we feel that in order to do that, we have to be more and/or do more than the next person. When we don’t measure up or meet certain bench marks that the next person has surpassed, we tend to have a low view of ourselves. Get over it! You will never measure up to other individuals or society’s standards simply because you are YOU!

We are all unique and we all have a gift to give to the world that no one else can give. When we look to our left or to our right, we limit ourselves…we are trying to give something to the world that wasn’t meant for us to give. When we compare ourselves to others, we take the gift that we were suppose to give…

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