Kerry Magazine:Real Women

I was honored to receive an invite for and attend the magazine launch celebration for Kerry Sweeney Burki (whom I’ve proud to call my friend and is SUCH an inspiration!). I loved Kerry’s magazine concept from the start, a new type of magazine that uses real women as models and encourages you to feel beautiful as you are right now.


Society is known for setting the standards of beauty and when Kerry was younger she often wondered why the everyday heroines (regular women who might not be known as famous or even beautiful to anyone except their families!) were usually not featured in magazines.  Our beauty was ignored, as well as our stories that had the potential to alter lives for the better both physically and emotionally. It time for our stories to be shared and our beauty acknowledged. Kerry courageously decided to be the catalyst for this monumental shift, and thanks to her generous nature the first 2 issues are free online!

Issue number three features a small group of moms of children with special needs together for an afternoon of makeup, a photoshoot, bonding, and sharing their stories. This feature will help you feel grateful for your struggles and know that we are stronger when we are together.





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