Pungent:Daily Post


Life is overwhelmingly busy in a good way with my decision to follow my passion and write a book, on top of my other current goals.  I’ve learned from Weight Watchers that having some ME time is crucial to my weight loss success. High stress can result in overeating, especially during the holiday season. When I take the time to decompress it allows time to focus on my goals, and consider whether or not my actions are in alignment with them. If I continue to just react and respond rather than taking control, the pounds on the scale can multiply quickly.


The good news is that I don’t ever fool myself and think “I’ve Got this”, and can do it on my own. I’m always one french fry or cheeseburger away from the 70 pounds I’ve lost and have kept off for 10 years. I will always need the accountability of support group (or a Life Coach) in order to stay successful.  Maintaining is a day to day journey and the struggle is real indeed!

Several times over the last few months I managed to squeeze in some ME time, knowing it’s as important as eating right and exercising. Focusing on all three, Food, Fitness and Fulfillment are all crucial for my success. I had dinner with fellow Life Coaches, and lunch with a girlfriend on a separate occasion. It felt great to get out and just enjoy myself.  Each time I made the standard visit to the ladies room, I noticed beautiful artwork leading the way, creating a temporary distraction from the pungent odors emitting from inside. I don’t get out much, and I wonder if this is a new “thing”. If it is, I like it.

4 thoughts on “Pungent:Daily Post

    • I know I need to make sure I stop and think during the holiday madness. I’m also focusing on coming home to eat in between, rather than stopping to eat out just because it’s more convenient. That’s a lot of additional holiday eating!. What is working for you?


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