Daily Post:Vigor


I was mentally exhausted this morning. I am usually in some state of exhaustion (mental, physical, whatever…) because I have several goals to reach and I have been burning the candle at both ends. I’ve had a rough few weeks (that will never make it to social media, lol) and when I am tired,  any challenging event is seen as ten times worse than it really is. My perspective is especially impaired when I visit fear,  Future Events Appearing Real, which means it’s time to put my challenge on the shelf, temporarily.

I’ve started thinking about my 2017 goal and how to rearrange my plate so that I am working smarter, not harder. My recent challenge has left me wondering how it will impact my progress next year, and started to become overwhelming . A new perspective was needed, especially when something that is bothering me is truly outside of my control. I guess I COULD schedule future emergencies between 12 noon and 2pm  on Mondays, or on Wednesdays between 12-3pm.  That way none of the emergencies interfere with work or my gym time. I might just hold my emergency spot with a photo like this, entitled random emergencies rather than random statuses.


Since an emergency placeholder is probably not realistic (the jury is still out on that, however!),  I have to go to Plan B, surrounding myself with motivation when my tank is low. I need that support group  (or person) to lift me up and carry me until I am back to my norm. This morning I came to WordPress, and was pleasantly surprised to find vigor waiting fro me. It was exactly what I needed to get back on track!


2 thoughts on “Daily Post:Vigor

  1. Wow, your words spoke to my heart. I’m so relieved I’m not the only person that feels this way. I applaud your courage. You got this. I have starting reminding myself, if I don’t care of me, I can’t take care of anyone else. Thank you for the encouragement.

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