Depression is your greatest asset and here is why

I love his positive spin on the important topic of depression!

Genius Unbound

One of the most painful things to go through in life is depression. Whether its self inflicted or caused by outside circumstances that we cant control, it can be a tool used for our own benefit or it can be a weapon of our own self destruction. The beautiful thing about life is that we have a choice in every situation, we can sit and despair or we can embrace this much needed time of reflection.

Depression is not the end all be all, it is the very beginning to a beautiful story that can soothe the pain of another. Your story of depression can in fact help you and give a helping hand to another who may be suffering just like you. I want to encourage you to embrace the pain of depression and all that it has to bring. The strength and wisdom that you will gain from…

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6 thoughts on “Depression is your greatest asset and here is why

  1. Hi Juantetcts,
    I know Oaktown Vibes.
    Thanks for liking my posts. How did you find “8 Types of People Who Should Not Be Blogging?” I am sort of embarrassed by it since I got attacked by my readers. I actually will be blogging about it soon in a post about negativity in blogging.
    Thanks for coming by!

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