Protest:Daily Post


Recently I decided to take action towards my ancient goal of writing a book! Everything happens for a reason, and this year I was reminded that good things can unexpectedly emerge from the bad! A lot of my dreams were placed on a shelf long ago, filed away like old forgotten books.  No one forced me to make that decision, it just seemed to happen naturally. Everyone and everything else became a priority. There was no time for what I wanted, my family was my priority.

My divorce was the motivation needed to dust off those cobwebs and to seriously consider following my old dreams! I am courageously and actively pursuing my book writing goal, and recently joined the Tom Bird Author Development Program. It’s AMAZING, intense and while writing is very time-consuming, it is also healing for my soul!

During a recent assignment, I wasn’t pleased with my work. I had a crazy, stressful week and it was reflected in my writing. I knew I needed to revise my submission, and asked a few of the other Best Selling Authors if they would allow me to read the new assignment to them once complete, and they graciously agreed. My intention is to learn as much as I can, and to publish a best-selling book as the result. More than one, I might add. I wanted their critique to be on the work I felt was my best, not on sub par work that reflected my challenging week. I knew I should, and could do better.



Today one of those generous souls stated she had not had a chance to get to it yet. That was not a problem for me. However, when I said I had read my new work to another author  and was satisfied with my revised work so please take her time,  her response (from a place of love) was that I am too hard on myself. I had to protest.


My goal is to submit quality work at all times. I would think other writers would desire the same thing, maybe they just don’t vocalize it. My heart and soul are both going into my project, and I would expect nothing less from myself other than quality work. Even if no one ever expects more from me at anything I attempt, I expect nothing less than the best of myself. We rise to levels of expectation, and no higher. That alone is enough reason to expect more of yourself, or  risk staying stuck in a place you don’t belong, both physically and emotionally.


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