The “B” word can indicate Bespoke, or even worse,  “Budget”. I only began incorporating a budget into my monthly routine eight years ago. My budgets are never perfect as I admittedly prefer to spend money rather than track it! Even so, I’ve made huge progress towards my goal of becoming debt free and just completed another major milestone of purchasing a car for all cash!




In order to achieve this goal, I had to change how I looked at things. Just like having a budget on my weight loss journey, the process is really not about perfection, it’s more about awareness (thank goodness because I will never attain perfection at either!). I love how Rachel Cruz views budgeting as permission to spend. I initially looked at a budget as restrictive and didn’t like the feeling even though it was clearly something I needed to do and would benefit me in the long run (funny how I get mad at the world when I decide to commit to something I really don’t want to do but find necessary as a result of  my past mistakes).  Once I changed the way I looked at budgeting, from a negative to positive, I mentally felt better.

Last week when I went car shopping, I bespoke a three-day postponement on my payment in order to wait for the funds to be delivered to my account. Each time I spoke to a different Nissan employee, they mentioned putting the car on a credit card so I could earn points, or just financing it. The look on my face also bespoke my annoyance of this constant  comment after stating I follow Dave Ramsey and financing is not an option.


This was one of the hardest tests I’ve had since starting my debt snowball. It’s so easy to go backward and get into debt, after working so hard to get out of it. It’s like you forget the struggle and regain a false sense of security that credit can elicit. Although my new car is used, it’s new to me and I am proud of the fact that I have not used credit in 8 years. It’s truly one of the hardest but most worthwhile things I’ve ever done! A great by-product is that I have changed my family tree!





2 thoughts on “Bespoke

    • Thank you! I was also Csrd dependent, starting with at least 10 cards when I began my debt free journey! I thought that was a lot but I recently heard a call from someone that had 35! It wasn’t easy and took a total shift in mindset (that didn’t happen overnight!) before I felt like I didn’t need them to survive! Now I can’t imagine using one. Yes, my first all cash car! Used but new to me and I’m so grateful I don’t have a car payment strangling me!


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