It’s been a tough year, especially with my mom passing shortly into the start. I still realize, however, there is so much to be grateful for! I have a great relationship with my grown sons, a job that pays my bills, a part-time job I love, graduated with my Life Coach certification and am working diligently on creating a career and future that I love, learned to blog (still a work in progress), am debt free and begin writing a book! It’s been a year!!!!!



Yesterday I had the pleasure of experiencing the movie Collateral Beauty (for the second time and it was just as good as the first!) with my sons! Both were bonuses as I rarely enjoy the presence of both at the same time with all of our busy schedules. Regardless of what critics say this movie, though not very festive, was fabulous! I went on an emotional rollercoaster ride as will others that have ever loved or lost anyone of any significance or simply have lingering regrets of any kind. This movie is filled with meaningful life lessons for everyone!


My takeaway of the term Collateral Beauty is that it is beauty only experienced by those who have experienced traumatic events in their lives. I lost my mother this year and am highly sensitive to mother/daughter conversations as I am out and about, simply because my own mother is no longer here with me. I often wonder if the pair know how lucky they are to still have each other. This is not something I would have ever noticed previously, especially with my personality. My takeaway from the movie is that it is a must see!

Looking forward to seeing FENCES with Denzel Washington later today! Another movie no doubt filled with life lessons!




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