In November I attended my very first retreat! It was very different from those I’m accustomed to hearing about which usually include hot-tubs, facials, massages, and a variety of packages that offer stress relief and total relaxation. It did include, however, gorgeous views of the Red Rocks,  which proved to be a distraction as I love to hike and the weather was perfect for it!


I attended the Tom Bird Write Your Bestseller in a Weekend Retreat in gorgeous Sedona! Like you, my immediate thought upon hearing about it was that no one can actually write a book in a weekend! I’ve learned over the years, however, not to say what can’t be done simply because I don’t know any that has made the attempt. I’ve recently completed several “firsts” just because I was motivated to do so and disciplined myself to make it happen. I decided to accept this opportunity and see what came of it.

Yes, I actually wrote a book (the major guts of it)!  I am currently in the revision process and my writing skills are evolving dramatically with the help of Tom’s Author Development Program!  Writing the book was actually easier than I imagined because it was already hidden inside of me. All I had to do was finally give it permission to materialize, which it did with professional help and guidance.


This is an amazing adventure because there are several best-selling authors involved, willing to share their knowledge unselfishly! I’m also grateful for the help of my busy friends willing to take the time to offer valuable feedback as I transition through the publishing process!  Some may find it hard to allow others to critique their writing but I’m enjoying the personal growth experienced directly as a result of their input. There has always been a writer inside of me, the time has come to refine her!

I’m looking forward to completing my book, Renewal of the Mind, by Feb 2017.

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