The more I contemplated the blog word of the day, pillage, the more I realized I dislike this word because of the negative qualities associated with it. I decided to stop thinking about it because how I start my morning off makes a huge impact on how my day unfolds and how I respond to it. In order to reverse the damage, I am heading to get to the gym to get my “ZEN” on.


My feelings are a reminder of a recent article that examined the most annoying word of 2016. I was amused, so I am attaching a small part of the article, and the link, for your reading pleasure. If you are willing, please have some fun with this post and share a word that you are not fond of!



‘Whatever’ tops most annoying words of 2016, while a younger crowd doesn’t care for ‘I can’t even’: By Ben Guarino December 22

Dictionaries have already given us their year-end words. 2016 was the year of “surreal,” Merriam-Webster announced recently, rounding out a collection that included “paranoid” from Cambridge Dictionary, “post-truth” from the Oxford Dictionaries and “xenophobia” from Dictionary.com. And now the American people, or at least a group of 1,005 polled by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, have declared their most annoying words of 2016.

The winner, for the eighth year running, was “whatever.” “Whatever” ground the gears of 38 percent of people polled, Marist reported Wednesday.

People can use the word “whatever” benignly. As a pronoun, it indicates a lack of restrictions or “regardless of what,” per the Oxford Dictionary, or as an adverb emphasizing “at all.”

But among its most irritating contexts is the flippant “whatever,” signifying nothing but indifference. The 1995 film “Clueless” — complete with a gesture of touched thumbs and splayed index fingers to form a W — may lay claim to the most famous on-screen “whatever.” The slang term appeared at least four decades earlier in a 1965 episode of “Bewitched,” in which one character responds to another with an “All right, whatever.”


2 thoughts on “Pillage

  1. Kathy Bewley says:

    I would like to read this, but I am trying to swallow all of my morning pillage for the day. As a cancer patient, I take a lot. 😂😂😂😂 Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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