As I enter 2017, I am grateful that I have not had to set weight loss as a New Years resolution for the 11th year in a row. When I started my emotional journey with Weight Watchers the fourth and final time, I knew it would be my last. My mind was ready for the transformation that was about to take place! The work really came from the inside out (for me) as weight loss is more mental than anything. I knew my success would be related more to figuring out WHY I ate, not necessarily just WHAT I ate. I had to find another way to BE.


Each consecutive resolution has always related to my interior, not my exterior (however, my interior has a major impact on my exterior). Although I have achieved several of my goals, I will always be a work in progress and self-improvement is major.

This year my self work will be on listening without jumping in to respond. While I am better than I used to be, I could still use work in that area. I get excited and want to respond before the person is even done giving their point of view. Listening to respond is not listening at all.



Each time I set a goal I also need to have a plan of action. Just saying something doesn’t make it so. It helps when my goals are in continuous view so I can remember them when life gets hectic.

Action Plan:

  1. Count to 5 before I respond. Not sure if that will work because the counting might distract from the listening, but we will see what happens.
  2. Start my response repeating what the person says in my own words. “What I hear you saying is”. That forces me to clarify what I heard, before I even respond. At times I am hearing something totally different from what the person is saying. Perhaps that is because I am listening to respond.

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