Today I was placed in an uncomfortable, volatile situation and was tempted to react in the same dramatic way in which I was approached. Only for a moment, however.  If you’ve ever been in a situation in which you didn’t think something could get worse and it did, you understand exactly what I mean. My response could have caused more hurt feelings and pain to my loved ones.


Several years ago I entered the Al-Anon program and it literally changed my life (for the better!) As I walked through the 12 Step program I learned the value of peace, moving on and letting go of things I can’t control (which is everything other than myself and even THAT can be challenging at times), and how to just say no and walk away from the drama (it gets easier with practice). I no longer feel the need to always be right and prove my point (regardless of what my grown sons will tell you!).

I love it when Dave Ramsey says, “someone convinced against their will is of the same opinion still”. It’s not my job to change people and in the grand scheme of things, what other people think about me is really none of my business.

Something that works for me is to think before I speak (or even before I hit send on that email reply). Is what I want to say something that needs to be said, and if so, do I need to be the one to say it?

3 thoughts on “Tempted

  1. Kathy Bewley says:

    Restraining my tongue continues to be a work in progress. Learning to express my opinion tactfully also is a learning process. And learning when to offer no opinion at all …. that’s the hardest of all!

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