I really love this quote because it speaks of regret, which I now look at differently. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my fifty years,  like many others (including those that claim perfection). Those mistakes, however, provided important life lessons which I credit for becoming the woman I am today. I needed those lessons in order to grow, including the slaps in the face. The harder the palm to the cheek, the faster I learned (sad, but true!).


An important lesson learned, however, is that I do not need to LIVE in those mistakes just because I made them. Especially when it comes to relationships.  At times I need to leave relationships behind for my own sanity, related or not.  If I am stressed or having negative thoughts (especially about myself) upon walking away from a person or situation (for the majority of those interactions), I need to stop and reflect. Sometimes reality is simply that I can’t be who you want me to be. Also, I can’t expect YOU to treat ME in one way just because it’s how I would treat you. You aren’t me, and vice versa.

At times conflicted souls still refuse to walk away when they aren’t happy with who I am. They would rather stay and complain.  That must be where the saying comes from, “have your cake and eat it too”. I’ve had that experience a time or two. It took growth to understand that I didn’t have to leave the decision up to them. THAT was an epiphany! Someone asked me WHY the decision had to be up to them? I didn’t have an answer and that thought had never crossed my mind! WOW!


I now choose to take the message from the mess and move on rather than becoming a martyr! In fact, I love that quote so much that I’ve  added it to my list of 2017 New Year Resolutions!



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