<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/unseen/”>Unseen</a&gt;

For me, unseen represents unmet goals. I am currently working on Baby Step 6, paying off my mortgage. My goal is to pay it off early, allowing freedom to pursue my passions. While I am grateful for the job I have, working for someone else isn’t a passion. I yearn for time to grow my Transformational Life Coach business (www.thecouragetoshift.com), and inspire others through writing!


When I become intentional, my goal takes its place on my bathroom mirror. As the good bad and ugly of life unfolds, it’s easy to allow stressful situations to get me off track. My why serves as a reminder, causing me to bounce back quickly like the sharp snap of a rubber band. As long as my goals are in my peripheral vision, I will hit them every time with focused intensity.


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