In 2016 I attended a Tom Bird retreat, Write A Book In  A Weekend. I wasn’t confident it could be done but I’ve learned to stop waiting for just the right time to take risks. There is never a perfect time (for me), there is only today. Another valuable lesson was to stop basing thoughts of what is possible for me on whether or not I know someone else who has accomplished that specific goal and eliminate comparisons. They are a waste of energy and no longer serve a purpose in my life.  I wrote a book that weekend and titled it Renewal of the Mind.

Getting my story up and out of me (which was a learning process in itself and definitely required guidance!) was actually the easy part because the book had already been inside of me for years. I’ve just only recently become brave enough to take action on this particular goal. I am currently in the revision process which is challenging but definitely exquisite as I learn to bring my inspiring journey to life in a way that connects with the reader. The transformation from book to best-seller is electrifying to watch!




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