While paying the price to get out of debt,  I held three jobs consecutively with the full-time position starting at 4 am. My associates thought I was crazy, at all three locations! For seven years I worked with focused intensity, never lingering long enough on the negative self talk that I knew would distract me from my purpose.


My circle of friends weren’t able to see my vision because it was mine, not theirs. They didn’t understand that I’d rather be overworked pursuing my own goals, than someone else’s.


4 thoughts on “Overworked

    • Yes, I did! Thank GOD I no longer have the need! I was really thinking about picking up a pizza delivery job, however, because I want to pay my home off early and can’t do it without generating extra income. I decided to start my own Life Coach business and focus on building that instead. With focused intensity (and the book I will publish this year), I will be able to generate enough income to get me on track for that 5 year early mortgage pay off. It will be really cool to retire inspired at 55! After working 2-3 jobs for 29 years, I am ready to slow down.

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